Yatheria: (Ya – Thir {rhymes with deer} – re –ah)

Region: A massive valley with a massive river running from the high mountain passes on the southern border of the Vast Empire to the God’s Well. Most settlements are placed along the river. Beyond the reach of the river are rolling hills of grasslands and flower covered fields. In the winter, these fields freeze and become covered with snow. Strong winds howl across the fields, making massive drifts and snow hills. Large forests of pine and birch trees can be found far across these hills before getting to the mountains. Large animals such as beavers, bears, foxes are quite common in the region.


Description: A very large folk, whom are often wide and tall. Their accent is heavily Russian like and often comes out with hints of Greek. Their hair color is wide and varied; however blond is the most common.

Language: Volsk (The Imperial Common speech)

Male – Ambrosii, Aleksandr, Borys, Dmitri, Foka, Gedeon, Grigori, Isador, Klavdii, Melor, Nikita, Pasha, Sergei, Stas, Vanya

Female – Alisa, Asya, Darya, Esfir, Inga, Kata, Katja, Lara, Manya, Masha, Nastasia, Olga, Sofiya, Talya, Varvara

Clothing Styles: Fur is very common (especially boots and hats). Large coats have removeable layers for changing seasons. This is one of the few nations that is fond of using colors such as yellow and blues.


Notable Trade Products: Dyes, sweet potatoes, liquors, honey, caviar, paper.

Politics: This “nation” is actually the farthest part of a large empire called The Vast Empire. The state is based on the rule by divine right. The state isn’t a theocracy, but very close. Their emperor is not the head of the church, but he may speak with divine precedent. The region known as Yatheria is a far off peninsula of the Vast Empire. As such their local Czar has quite the chip on his shoulder, despite having little real power outside the Empire, or even his own small slice of it. The Czar cannot speak for the Emperor, but very few outside the Vast Empire know that. A central church figure is always half a step higher than their secular counterpart. As such, the Archbishop can counter the Czar’s edicts, although this is very rare. Members of the church will frequently enter other fields including business classes and the Army, and more than once issues with these dual loyalties has been known to happen. The general rule is this: “What the Czar says is, but what the Archbishop says is more”. This is one of the only things that have prevented Yatheria from engaging in more military campaigns south. The Vast Empire is currently at war with other nations elsewhere and will not send soldiers south to support local ambitions. Any military expansion must be done with local levies and not with outside legions of the Vast.

Notable Groups:
The Streltsy Legion – The Vast Empire can pull recruits from dozens of provinces and hundreds of cities. The Empire is well known for its massive army but also for a very fierce one. The Streltsy are a crossbowmen legion that is the main fist of the empire. While Yatheria remains a territory of The Vast, the Czar does not have the power to call upon the Streltsy, however they are still expected to pull levies for the legion, and there is small force of them to manage the recruitment and training of new levies. Should Yatheria ever become seriously threatened, they can and will protect the Czar.

“The Church” – Also known as the “Cornerstone”, and “The Emperor’s Church”, the Church is religion that spans the whole of the Vast Empire, with the Emperor as its deity. The church is highly hierarchical with Bishops and Archbishops serving as administrators and advisers to regional Czars. Major decisions of policy and other internal affairs well known to be in the hands of the Church. While in The Vast, they have absolute power, Yatheria has yet to fully convert the population. Their influence is bar none, but not yet absolute.

The Night Riders – One part secret police, one part assassins, and another part cult. Zealously, loyal to the goals of the Emperor and the will of the church, however they are not part of the Imperial command, or the Church itself. The Church views them as a useful cult, but they have proven difficult to deal with as they only accept command from either the Emperor himself or anyone who bears the Imperial Family’s ring. Beyond that they have their own leaders, targets, and act on their own initiate. Horror stories have been told about a village hiding dissidents or enemies of The Vast, being murdered to the last child, in a particularly gruesome and public manner after one night when men in black robes and masks rode into their town.


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