Qudar: (Coo {rhymes with boo– Dar)


Region: South of the God’s Well, is a dry region as result from the higher elevation and lack of rain. The soil is mostly sand and gravel earth. The high elevation of the area has water running out of the region rather than in. The God’s Well to the north is a massive fresh water lake that is nearly black at its center. Its depth is not known but few river ships can brave the still deep water. One of the key exceptions is the massive river and waterfall that runs off the High Coast, where most of the major cities can be found. Inland has vast badlands. Plants are few and weedy. The cliff faces from the High Coast and the shoreline along the God’s well are rich in limestone and other precious minerals.


Description: They are short but stronger than most other sub-races of people. Their skin ranges from a dark olive/brown to lighter shades of black. Their hair tends to the blacker color and is frequently worn in a variety of styles from rolled, coiled, and even wrapped in cloth.

Language: Kandish (The Stone Speech)

Male – Abrafo, Ayo, Budde, Chidi, Chizboa, Dube, Emeka, Enu, Gituku, Gwala, Isoba, Kobe, Mosi, Nsonowa, Obi, Paki, Sipho, Tau

Female – Aboyo, Akosua, Apio, Chinwe, Dada, Esi, Ife, Kunto, Mazoi, Nia, Nkiru, Nyah, Onyeka, Ramla, Sauda, Tapiwa, Unathi, Zola


Clothing Styles: The area is very arid and can shift from cold to hot very quickly over the day. Leather is very common. Robes of various layers are popular along with wide legged, short pants. Being one of the areas where dyes are a luxury and only afforded by the very, very wealthy, clothing colors tend to the bland.

Notable Trade Products: Rice, lentils, root vegetables, goats, goat’s milk, quarts, limestone, porcelain, glasswares.

Politics: The Kingdom of Qudar is large but empty. Dry, arid areas make large swaths of it less than helpful for agriculture. The rocky land makes invasions difficult and has been one of their saving graces. 3 major very powerful nations surround Qudar, and occasionally armies have negotiated passage through Qudar rather than invading them to attack a neighbor. While the king passes law and judgment the crafters are the real power of the nation. Guild charters must have the current king’s signature and each time a new king is crowned, new charters must be signed. This has become the key source of political tension. The king has land and title and the rite to grant an enforce charters he does not have any other source of income. The guild bribes/pays the king for their charters. More clever kings have made charters valid for only a few years while foolish kings were only smart enough to take a onetime bribe. Forcing the guilds to renew their charters too frequently however has forced the guilds to renew their charters too frequently however has forced the Guilds to drastic action, and more than one King has been assassinated.


Notable Groups:
The Crafter’s Guilds – Not a singular group but a collection of small groups. Each guild hold a monopoly on a single trade or resource. The Mason’s Guild, The Ceramic’s Guild, The Glass Guild, and The Jeweler’s Guild are among just a few of the Guilds that barter for contracts and hold the economic power within the kingdom.

The Burned Men/ The Guardians of Everstand – The Northern marches are not a kind region. Monsters and other beasts have plagued the region ever since the settling by the People of the Stone. Manscorpions in particular were a well-known problem, but many other monsters have been known to come south from this region. The fortress of Everstand was built for this purpose and The Lords of Stone founded an order with the single purpose of garrisoning and guarding the region from these threats. Within the last century and a half there has been a massive decline in the Guardian’s ranks due to monster attacks becoming less frequent. Within the last 100 years the ground itself has become hazardous and difficult to survive in. Tunneling monsters were targeted with fire by the Guardians, and what they didn’t know has doomed the whole area. Coal rock, and cave gas caught fire in the underground tunnels. After numerous collapses and dismissals, the fire continued to burn for decades. Sinkholes, toxic gas blow outs, and a massively increasing heat from the fires have turned much of the land into a burned wasteland. The order has forever been named The Burned Men. Volunteers are rare now, and most come from criminals, exiles, and runaways. They have since become willing to accept anyone to take the tattered cloak. Demon worshippers, murderers, rapists, necromancers, and traitors have all been shown to be welcome at Everstand.


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