Dumac: (Do – Mack {rhymes with smock, not smack})

Region: A wide, empty region with few major settlements. Wild forests have grown into sprawling, dangerous things with brigands, bears, and other dangerous beasts. Away from the shore line and high above sea level, the soil is frequently more clay, mud, and rocks rather than tillable soil. Wild corn can and does grow well in this region and is commonly seen in large swaths across the lowlands. Heavy boulders and stones litter the land making good hiding spots for animals and scavengers.
Closer inland, towards the mountains the ground becomes harder and tougher. Large pits and quarries can be seen with many laborers and their dwarven masters. Massive dirt mounds and piles of mining rubble are often mistaken as large hills and can often hide these mines. The inland forests are large and old. The massive maple trees grow large and many of the locals refuse to cut them, instead using cultivating them for their sap than their wood.
The few settlements for the surface common folk are poor desolate places, in contrast with the few massive Dwarven fortress gates that protect the entrance to the dwarven lands below the earth. The dwarven realm below the surface is a cold dark realm. Much of the light comes from luminous moss and fungal plants. Caverns and caves have been worked, smoothed, and decorated with lavish carvings. Outside the cave walls are tunnels and networks of passages that connect to colonies located in large caverns or underground rivers. Beasts, insects, and other fungus eaters dwell and are hunted and raised for their meat and other goods.


Description: These folk are average sized. Their speech is much more Germanic (an effect for their prolonged contact with the Dwarves ). Their hair and eye colors have a wide range including blond to brown and brown eyes to blue (rare). The Dwarves are members of higher society and thus have a distinctly healthier look. Beards and hair styles have a function to denote class and role (examples: laborers are forbidden from wearing beards or having hair that grows longer than an inch, while warriors are encouraged to shave sections of their head and beards, grooming them into points)

Languages: Dwarven (The King’s Tongue), Thumish (uses the Dwarven script)

Male – Abelard, Adalric, Barthold, Bernd, Berthold, Carsten, Dederick, Diedrich, Ebert, Erwin, Filbert, Firtz, Hrolf, Humppert, Kaspar, Ludwig, Ortwin, Reignhard, Siegbert

Female – Anina, Barbel, Bruna, Carla, Clairmund, Elsa, Elli, Gabi, Gertie, Hidegarde, Ivonne, Karla, Kristen, Liese, Maud, Mitzi, Theresia

Dwarf Names – Bes, Brokk, Etiri, Fafnir, Grid, Huffle, Sindri, Ysbaddaden

Clothing Styles: Sturdy and well used. Most clothing has a labor or secondary function (example: aprons as a fashion accessory, or overalls). Leather patches are very common on trousers along the inseams and on the knees. The Dwarves however wear clothing according to class and role. As a general rule the more metal on display and the better quality that metal is the higher a given dwarf is. (example: Brass earrings and finger rings may be worn by a wealthy craftsman, but gold piercings and necklace chains may be donned by a wealthy merchant).


Notable Trade Products:
Crafts (metal – tools, cookware, pins, etc.), silver goods, lumber, coal, wool, maple sap, nuts, and corn.

Politics: A Dwarven ruled satellite state is all that people can see. On the surface, cities have overseers and royal watch dogs from the Thane (Dwarf King). Underground, the Dwarves have an elaborate bureaucracy that serves the Thane. The Dwarves and the surface folk have a tense, even abusive relationship. Much of the wealth and resources of the surface gets funneled down to the Dwarves. Below the surface, the Dwarves have their own political tension with colonies and rival Dwarven Thanes.

Notable Group:
The Thanes Ritter – While there is an army beneath the surface, the Thane has an elite fighting force that is at his personal command. Among their duties is keeping the Thane and their family protected, be the vanguard for any major military action, and often they are used as political leverage against the Thane’s enemies. While not part of the traditional military, ranks are treated as half a step higher, as such officers in the Thanes Ritter can take command from any equal rank officer.

The Freemen – outside their own they are often dismissed as bandits. Since the coming of the Thane and the conquest, there have been resistance fighters trying to give the Dwarves as much pain as possible. The original Freemen have long since died, and the movement has become less about counter attacking the Dwarves as it is about resistance and making their hold on the surface too costly to continue. They have few real resources, holdings, or central locations, but one thing that they have in abundance is recruits. Virtually every surface Dumaci human has a relative or knows someone that is either a supporter or outright member. On rare occasion some Verbannung dwarves have been known to be allowed within their ranks, but this is rare. When this does happen though they tend to be even more fanatical than their human counterparts.

The Crafter’s Union – There is no group that the lower classes need and hate less than the Crafter’s Union. They have been given the sole monopoly of managing the labor and resource extraction of the surface. They have done this job with great efficiency, making the Thane and all of the Deep Lord very rich. The push for more wool, lumber, crops, and other resources has resulted in terribly oppressive policies. At least one laborer dies every day, driving more and more either to the Freemen or to flee to another nation.

The Cult of Vephar – When the Dwarves came in strength most of the churches and temples were pulled down along with the rest of the major castles and watch towers. Without hope, many people have turned to the darker powers, and Vephar has been a welcoming deity. A few sacrifices that were very willingly given, and he has bestowed a great deal of power upon the surface people. Amazingly, the cult isn’t even that protective of their members. Most of the clergy and longtime members have taken a fatalistic/bemused attitude to life, even their own. All have seen at least one loved one perish unjustly, and many have simply given into despair. As a result they have taken to the philosophy that hope is an illusion, a kind one true, but an illusion none the less. Eventually, followers will either accept this or perish.

The Verbannung – Not all Dwarves are loyal subjects of the Thane. Some sought refuge for one reason or another on the surface. Many talk about the horrors that dwell in the underground, others speak of the same oppression that the surfacers suffer from. One such thing is the “fifth”, where the Thanes Ritter takes one fifth of all the children born in given community to refill the ranks for Die Gerwalt or the Deep Legion. No matter their reasons, they all been lumped into one catch all group of surface dwelling Dwarves. Most (if not all) Dwarves that are still part of the Thanmar regard these kin as lost or better yet dead in their eyes.


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