Alderaci: (All – Der – Ack – Ee)

Region: A narrow land in-between the massive Thanlmaic Mountain rage and The Green Sea. Much of the woodlands and forests that once covered the rolling hills are gone, having been cut down to make ships and walls, and cleared for protection of the massive castles that are a frequent sight. Sheep, wolves, deer, and horses run wild across the many fields.
The winters are very windy and heavy with snow, while the summers are often rainy, and muddy channels pool into meadows and small creeks. Along the foothills of the mountain, sparse trees and groves line the range. Orc clans and other barbarians hunt and dwell here, preventing many villages or settlements from forming. Mist and heavy fogs are frequent in this part of the region, falling from the mountains.


Description: They are taller than average (Average being 5’7’’). Their voices are much more Slavic in speech (Albanian/ Romanian). Diseases and other issues resulting from poor hygiene (such as boils) are common. Hair color tends to be dark brown and wavy.

Language: Aleraci (Uses the Ithish script)

Male – Aelfred, Brand, Cuthbert, Cynward, Daegmund, Ealdred, Eadweard, Garrick, Osmund, Randwulf, Wilheard
Female – Aelflaed, Annis, Balthid, Branda, Elfa, Ebba, Mildreth, Swanhild

Clothing Styles: Functionality is favored above all else. Leather clothing is the most common, as well as a number of fur lined garments. The peasants will rarely see much in terms of new clothing. More often, they will be wearing patchwork garments held together by leather cords or string. The noble classes will rarely wear colorful garments, instead adorning clothing with elaborate embroidery, especially on leather goods.




Notable Trade Products: Leather, timber, iron, beef, venison, apples/pears, and wines.

Politics: As divided as the Ithicans are, they have nothing on the feudal lords of Alderac. After the fall of their Great King Lothar IV, Alderac has been fighting a succession struggle that they have yet to recover from. No single baron has been able to gather an army large enough to fully conquer all of their rivals. Knights and war bands roam the nation, selling their skills to feudal lords. While they remain divided, they are prevented from turning their attention south or north. Frequently, foreign powers will funnel money to one or even several warlords to goad them into fighting each other.

Notable Groups:
The Raven’s Guard – A Knight Order that focuses on fighting renegade magical enemies, specifically monsters, magic users, and summoners. Clad in black cloaks and known for painting their armor black as well, they make for a fearsome sight. They have a strong religious order connected to the worship of Alepos. Their vows are made for life, and those that violate their oaths are dealt with swiftly and severely.

The Sons of Lothar – An elite order of knights that serve the Alerac as a whole. At times in the past their numbers have reached over 1,000, but for the present time, having more than a hundred is rare. They have a reputation for performing errant tasks and serving as surrogate leaders in times of crisis. Their reputation in Alerac is legendary and nearly every village will lend aid to any member whom seeks it. In other regions it is another story, especially Ithaca, where the Sons have nearly the opposite reputation.

The Wardens of Amon’s Hold and Doval – Each of these positions are extremely powerful positions within Alerac. Each one has a massive fortress that comes with the position, or vice-versa in some cases. Many of the various warlords in the region compete for the walls of either fortress, but very few have ever taken its walls. Many advisers have thought that becoming one of the wardens is one of the key steps to becoming the next king of Alerac. Large bands of men at arms are willing to join forces with any warden, even a poor one.

The Stewards – In the city of Ulfshold are several families that are completely dedicated to the preservation of the Wolf’s Throne. There has not been a king since the death of Lothar IV/ Lothar the Great. While they were charged with the preservation of the throne, they were prohibited from sitting upon it themselves, and every scholar in Alerac is keen to remind them of that fact. For the most part, without a High Lord to give commands, they protect and preserve the city and its inner workings. Before they can pass the keys to the castle they must have the blessing of a majority vote from a Lord’s Moot, which has yet to occur ever.


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