Other Regions

Beyond the reach of the Green Sea lie vast areas of diverse peoples, races, and civilizations. Merchants, Sailors, and explorers speak of these regions and too many, they can appear more fantastic that any think possible. Many of these areas are inaccessible except by ship. Others have a hazardous journey across vast mountain ranges. In both cases people from these regions are rare, or even unheard of in the Green Sea.

The Great Elven Homeland
The Elves of El’enatha came as a colony of a massive region far to the south across The Dark Sea. The older elves, speak of the homeland with awe and majesty, claiming it is a vast forest filled with crystalline lights. Their whole civilization has taken to the cultivation of old forests, shaping the trees and beasts to serve the Elven people. The one exception is with ships. Thousands of trees are cut down and replanted to build one of the most expansive navies known.

To the north of the Elven Homeland on the same subcontinent, is the jungle realm of the Itchalans. Dense lush jungles, where spices, exotic fruits, and massive hunting cats thrive stretch for hundreds of miles. The people are savage, brutal, and dangerous. Well known for filed teeth, savage weapons, and magical war paint, they raid settlements within their own borders, as well as free cities within reach, and even the Elven homeland. Two central advantages have kept this region from being wiped off the map by one major power or another. First is the massive numbers of people that the jungles hold. Nearly a million people are estimated to live in their capitol city, and countless more reside in the jungles and hills. Second is the God King. Standing atop massive step pyramids, the God King can command semi (or perhaps even full) divine power. His sorcery alone has halted invading armies and caused every incursion into the jungle to end in complete disaster.

The Vast Empire:
Yatheria is only the smallest finger of the Vast. To listen to what their bishops claim, the lands owned by one of their governors could contain the whole of the Green Sea’s kingdoms. Being such a wide empire has more than its fair share of problems. Not the least of which is that they do not have firm control over the whole empire. However a lack of rivals in the far marches of the empire has left them with the ability to ignore the hundreds of thousands that live there. It’s size has also several other advantages including access to a wide diverse group of people

To the west of Ithaica lies a great wilderness. For years the old Ithican Empire tired, unsuccessfully, to capture and hold this region, however with rolling hills, rocky terrain, deep forests and local resistance prevented the Empire from ever holding any part of the region for more than a few seasons. The people there call themselves The Free People. When asked what this meant, most smile and respond by saying that “This land has seen countless invaders and they are all dead now.” The people themselves are often highly intimidating with an average height of 4 inches taller than other humans common to the Greenlands. The other notable feature is red auburn hair, often told to be a mark of the demons that have blessed them with their great strength.

A region not very well known for great cities or renown scholars, most outsiders think of the Free People as a backward lot of savages. The truth is far more complicated. While these people lack the sophistication of formal schools or complex social institutions, they have a deeply intricate society based on proximity to the Great Tree. One of the Great World Trees has taken root here and has guided the Free People for as long as anyone can remember. Druid circles form the foundation of the social elite; however a separate Coven of Witches and Hags also provides council and guidance when needed. Several different tribal groups do feud with each other over territory, hunting rights, and prestigious roles with the Great Tree.

Invasions have been met with a great deal of confusion. For while both the Ithican Empire and the Kingdom of Zhu has sent armies to claim land and resources, with considerable numbers, magic, and tactical brilliance, they have all been either lost in the forests or met with tremendous partisan resistance. The tribal leaders do possess great numbers and skilled warriors, guidance from The Great Tree counseled they away from direct confrontation (especially against the Kingdom of Zhu). Instead the tribal forces have learned to make use of terrain, and other none direct methods. As records from the Ithican invasions record

“Bad luck has plagued us from the very first instant of setting foot into this light forsaken country. The rain has not let up on us in days and I fear that there has been another outbreak of fever. I fear that we have yet to find a single settlement beyond the initial contact post. We know that they are out there though, watching, waiting. I have no idea how they can navigate in this country though. I had the forethought of bringing with me 3 Elven trackers and a group of Alderaci scouts. They have been unable to find their trails or paths that they follow. I confess, that should we continue at this rate, I fear that we will be unable to muster much strength for a fight when one comes, or secure our position before the winter comes.” – Gen. Aldo Venduci Commander of the Eastern Armies, the reign of Macano I,

The Kingdom of Zhu (sounds like shoe but with a ‘Z’):
Far to the west, following along the coastline is arguably the most secretive and most powerful. The Kingdom as it is often called holds countless secrets and wonders of science and technology that few can imagine. Traveling monks and other scholars will occasionally venture forth to explore and make contact with other nations. Trade is not unheard of, but rare outside their tributary states. Several smaller states surround The Kingdom, which is where a significant amount of wealth flows from. The Vast Empire is their major rival and they have often clashed over territorial disputes and religious disagreements. Travelers from the Greenlands know one thing for certain, that a kingdom less than a 10th the size of the Vast Empire has managed to hold off their attacks as long as anyone can recall, is not a nation to be trifled with.

Other Regions

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