Players do not choose traditional alignments along the Good/Evil and Law/Chaos paradigms. Instead this game will utilize two variants affinities and allegiances. These variants have the goal of fostering more complex and morally/ethically grey characters rather than following along a sliding axis.

How will this effect detect good/evil/etc. spells? Humans and other mortal creatures are far too complex to summarize by these subtypes. The effect of such spells (including all related spells such as protection from X and magical circle against X) do not work on mortal creatures. Demons, elementals, celestials and other such monsters that possess an appropriate subtype remain vulnerable to such spells.

Affinities - A player character chooses 2 affinities, a major and a minor. Each affinity is a description of a dominant character trait that can summarize goals, personality, ethical/moral thinking, and/or philosophies. The major affinity should be the most dominant and the minor should be an enhancement. Both the major and minor affinities must be different. Below is a list of suggested affinities that can be used.

Analyst: Anything can be explained rationally, and you will explain it. You thrive when your rational/scientific method helps solve a major problem.

Architect (aka Maker and Builder): You desire to leave a legacy, tangible or intangible. This could be anything from an artistic masterpiece to a successful organization you founded to a new tradition you started. You thrive when you create something of great importance and/or lasting value.

Autist: You live inside your shell. Revealing the ‘real’ you could be the worst thing that could ever happen. You thrive when you manage to keep someone entirely out.

Autocrat: You must be in control in all times of all situations. You thrive when you maintain control during a situation and success is guaranteed.

Avant-Garde: You must be the first to know or do everything. Nothing is established, no gossip is spread without you having known it first. You thrive when you make an exciting discovery regarding the society in which you’re involved.

Benefactor: You have a bounty of riches or some other resources which you feel compelled to share. You thrive when you help someone by providing something no one else around you can.

Bon Vivant (aka Hedonist and Reveler): Live for today, ’cos buddy, tomorrow may never happen. You thrive when you have a thrilling time, or manage to fully express your enthusiasm for life.

Bravo: You have little tolerance for weakness, especially in yourself. You could be a proud warrior or a just plain bully. You thrive when you intimidate or physically force someone to do what you want or back down.

Bureaucrat: You follow the rules no matter what. You thrive when you solve a situation by the book, getting others around you to do so as well.

Caregiver: You desire to take care of others, ease their pain, and heal them. You thrive whenever you successfully protect or nurture someone else.

Cavalier: You are the hero, the gallant defender of truth, justice, and all that is good. You thrive when you accomplish a significant task for the better of the group (or the world as a whole, for that matter).

Child (aka Cub): Whether you are one or not age-wise, you haven’t grown up emotionally and prefer to let someone else take care of you. You thrive when someone helps you with no apparent gain to herself.

Competitor: There is no greater thrill than the thrill of victory and you’ll do anything to feel it. You thrive when you win a contest, formal or informal.

Confidant: You like and understand people and like to give advice-and you’re usually good at it too. You thrive when someone confides in you on a personal level.

Conniver: You like to manipulate your way through the sticky bits of life, preferring to let some sucker do the dirty work for you. You thrive whenever you trick someone into doing what you want.

Crackerjack: Whatever it is you do, you’re the best, and people can’t help but be impressed. You thrive whenever you pull off an impressive stunt in the face of incredible odds.

Critic: Everything has a fault and you will find it. You thrive when you point out a significant flaw in something that would have caused disaster if overlooked.

Curmudgeon: You’re irascible and cynical and vocally so. Joy and laughter? Bah, humbug! You thrive when someone does something stupid, as you predicted.

Decoder: You thrive on puzzles and riddles, be they the obvious sort, found in books and games, or hidden within seemingly benign texts or even a person’s face. You thrive when you solve a particularly challenging puzzle or mystery.

Deviant: Whether it’s because of your ethics, beliefs, or general view of people and society, you just plain don’t fit in. You thrive whenever you blatantly defy social codes without getting punished.

Director/Leader: You always know the best way to go about doing something, and it only makes sense that persons follow your lead. You thrive when you are able to lead a group in accomplishing a significant task.

Explorer: The world is full of wonder, and you’ve got to see it all. You thrive when you make a significant discovery, such as finding a special place or artifact, or making a profound insight about yourself or a friend.

Fanatic: You have a cause, or maybe the cause has you… You live, eat, breathe this cause (of course, if you pick this one, you have to define what that cause is). You thrive when you accomplish something that furthers your cause.

Follower: You’re happy to help the leaders accomplish their goals, and stabilize the group with your support. You thrive when your group accomplishes something due to your support.

Gallant: You are flamboyant as hell, and love to be the center of attention. You thrive when you dazzle or impress another person.

Guardian: You have the strength, be it inner, physical, or both, to handle this hostile world, and desire to use that strength to protect the weaker folk around you. You thrive when you successfully shield some worthy party from great harm.

Honest Abe: Honesty is the best policy; integrity is the greatest virtue. You are true to your values and to everyone around you- all the time. You thrive when you remain completely honest through a situation where it seems dishonesty would have worked better-and then it turns out your way was for the best.

Jester: You are the fool, the comic, the smartass, always looking for the humor in a situation. You thrive when you lift someone’s spirits/ease their pain with your humor.

Jobsworth: A bit similar to bureaucrat, you always stick to your routine. Routine is safe and efficient. You thrive when your insistence on sticking to your routine turns out for the best.

Judge (Mediator): You are an arbitrator and peacemaker, acting as a fair voice in conflictual situations. You thrive when you separate truth from lies or successfully mediate a conflict.

Loner (aka Lone Wolf): You have your own path and no desire to share it with anyone else. You thrive when you manage to achieve a significant task without anyone else’s help.

Judge (Mediator): You are an arbitrator and peacemaker, acting as a fair voice in conflictual situations. You thrive when you separate truth from lies or successfully mediate a conflict.

Loner (aka Lone Wolf): You have your own path and no desire to share it with anyone else. You thrive when you manage to achieve a significant task without anyone else’s help.

Manipulator: People fascinate you, and you love to see the many ways they react to the situation you’ve so carefully set up for them. You thrive when you gain some new insight about people from some “experiment” you’ve performed on them without their realizing it.

Martyr: You would rather suffer or even die than sacrifice your values or your friends’ needs. You thrive when you do that.

Masochist: You’re always trying to see just how much more trauma you can take before you collapse. You thrive when you make it through a new and interesting painful experience.

Masquerader: You enjoy pretending what you’re not, and may be doing so to hide from others-or yourself. Particularly, you try to hide your true supernatural identity. You thrive when you resolve a situation without anyone finding out your true intentions or purpose.

Monster: You are depraved, villainous scum. You thrive when you manage to indulge in suffering that you’ve produced.

Optimist: You can always see that silver lining despite that icky dark cloud looming in front of it. You thrive when your conviction that all will turn out for the best gets the group through-and it turns out you’re right!

Pedagogue: You are the ultimate teacher, living to pass on your knowledge so everyone might benefit from the wisdom of your experiences. You thrive when someone really learns a great lesson from you.

Penitent: Whatever it was you did, it was bad, and you devote all your energy to atoning for your sin. You thrive when you perform a feat that significantly alleviates your guilt or is a step in achieving the goal that will make up for your crime. If you role-play out a feat that so frees you from your guilt that you are really no longer penitent, the DM may allow you to gain story based XP awards and then you must change your affinity.

Perfectionist: Everything you do, say, are… must be without flaw. You thrive when you do something without a hint of mistake.

Plotter: Everything you do must be planned out to the last detail. You thrive when you/the group accomplishes something by following your plan to the letter.

Poltroon: Running away may be cowardly, but you’re alive, aren’t you? Why deal with something potentially unpleasant and possibly fatal when you can just avoid it? You thrive when you manage to escape a particularly nasty situation without having to deal with it at all.
Praise-Seeker: You absolutely crave the approval of your comrades. You thrive when you are praised genuinely for a feat you accomplished by yourself.

Predator: The fittest survive, and you’re pretty damn fit. You thrive when you single-handedly hunt and kill another creature to ensure your survival.

Rebel: You will do as you will, and ultimately desire freedom from unpleasant societal bonds. You thrive when your rebellion against authority or the status quo turns out for the best.

Recognition Seeker: The opposite of the Masquerader, you love being the supernatural being you are, and despite the danger, long to let other people know about it. You thrive when someone realizes for the first time that you are more than merely mortal.

Reluctant: You long for a “normal” life, before whatever took you to adventuring. Gain an XP bonus when you discover your place in the new world you’ve entered and found some kind of peace with yourself. Choose a new affinity after this epiphany.

Renunciate: For some reason, you want to leave your past far, far behind you; though as hard as you try to forget it, the past will forever haunt you. You thrive when you shake aside someone/something that reminds you of your past, and do so without consequences.

Revolutionary: You hold freedom dearly and desire justice, and will do whatever is necessary to hold on to these precious liberties. Unlike the Rebel, your urge is not to resist ALL authority, but rather to fight corruption in the system where you find it. You thrive when your questioning or resisting leadership or the status quo turns out to be best for you/your party/or those you are trying to protect.

Rogue: Screw the world! You do what you need to look out for yourself and get done what has to get done. If someone else suffers in the process, that’s just too bad. You thrive when your self-centered methods gain you something of significant value.
Sage: Knowledge is your treasure and your joy, and you enjoy both learning as well as teaching others your wisdom. You thrive when you help someone through your vast knowledge or uncover an obscure piece of lore.

Sensualist: Sensation is your addiction, and you’ll do anything to experience a new one. You thrive when you experience a new, exciting sensation and live to tell about it.
Show-Off: You need approval and praise and will do anything to get it. You thrive when your antics earn you that praise you so crave.

Supplicant: Whatever you do, it is in the service of the Divine Being which you honor, fear, and/or love. You thrive when you significantly advance the aims of your Benefactor. Remember, of course, that the deity you follow does not necessarily have to be nice.

Survivor: No matter what happens, you’ll pull through it somehow. You’re one tough cookie, and don’t understand it when others give up so easily. You thrive when you survive a difficult situation by the skin of your teeth.

Sycophant: You’re the perfect yes-man, doing whatever you can to please the more powerful forces that be, so they’ll protect you. That silly Arab guy from The Mummy is a good example. You thrive when you place yourself behind others that you see as your betters.

Theorist: The world around you is something to try and explain, and your theories drive your purpose for being. You thrive when an observation based on your theory comes to pass. This has to be a well-thought-out, complex theory, not something that’s already blatantly obvious.

Thrillseeker: The stakes are just never high enough. More adrenaline, please! You thrive every time you willingly enter a life-threatening situation and then escape it.
Traditionalist: Why change what’s worked for ages? You’re the ultimate conservative. You thrive when your old-fashioned methods prove to be the best solution.

Trickster: Your antics do more than amuse; your pranks and tricks have a point of teaching someone a lesson, or humorously but deftly reveal some wisdom. You thrive when your acts reveal wisdom that would not have been realized by more traditional means.

Visionary: You have the drive and imagination to keep aiming for the sky and beyond. You thrive when you convince others to believe in your dreams and follow your vision.
Waif: Whether you are or not, you have the appearance of being innocent and weak, and you haven’t quite learned to act on your own without relying on others’ pity. You thrive when you accomplish something important without anyone’s help.

Wanderer: Settling down just is not your thing-whether you’re running away from something or simply longing to see new places, the road is your home. You thrive when you complete your purpose in one place and move on, leaving no loose ends or attachments behind.

Loyalties are an optional rule that players can take if they chose. Swearing a loyalty is a severe commitment to a cause. A loyalty serves as guideline for character goals and motives that are beyond and outside personal achievement. Each loyalty is at least slightly different from one another, be they geographic (as in a nation state – The Kingdom of Zhu, Sophinia, Qu’dar, etc.), to a person (as in a king, warlord, or other leader), a religion (The Southern Golden Church, The Church of the Vast Empire, High Temple of the 12, etc.), or other organization (The Guardians of Everstand, The Raven’s Guard, Frontiersmen).

Multiple Loyalties – It is possible for a character to have up to 2 loyalties. These loyalties cannot be in direct conflict. An example of this conflict would be The Society and the Raven’s Guard, or competing churches. However it is possible to be a member of the Knights of the Sun and most religions. There are some groups that have a prohibition on multiple loyalties such as the Guardians of Everstand or most (if not all demon cults).

Effects of a Loyalty – While interacting with other characters that share your loyalty, a player gains a +4 bonus on social bases skill checks such as diplomacy, bluff, or intimidate.

Breaking an oath – Should a player’s actions result in acting in violation to their oath, there is a chance that a player may be caught and be branded as an oath breaker, without honor, or even traitor . This can leave a permanent stain on a character, resulting in a -4 charisma based skill checks with anyone from that original group that the character had loyalty to as well as anyone who may have heard of the player.


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