There is nothing in this world that is so like touching the infinite possibilities of the human mind as seeing into the realm of the Gods.
For it only in that place, wherein we stand in awe of the great magnitude of their realm, can we know how wondrous and gracious the world that they have given to us is.
It is therefore necessary to exalt them in every shape and form that they take.
For it is only in praise to them that we can be one with our own world, and with all that are inhabiting it.
-The Liturgy of the Gods Vol. II, Author Unknown

The gods are a bunch of vicious sons of whores, and we’re their bastards.
-Commentaries of the Liturgy of the Gods Vol. II, St. Reynold Angiliano, High Oracle to the Ithican Emperor, The Early Ivory Age

Age of Annihilation