The realm of the Greenlands has been mostly the realm of humans. Tribes of monstrous races such as orcs, goblins, and ogres are well known in the region. Only in recent years have other races taken a more dominant role in the region.

Note – Gnomes, half-orcs, muls, etc. are not species in their own right, but half-breeds. Members of these races cannot reproduce and will never be in large numbers.

Humans – The most common species in the Greenlands. While virtually every region has members of human species, there are three dominant subspecies within the region. The Western River people, whose descendants can be found in Ithica, Sophinia, Alderac, and Dumac. The Children of Stone, after The Erosion are far fewer than they were, but these darker skinned people can be found living in Qu’Dar, the Burj Wastelands, and Kalahar. Some small numbers of this group can be found in the Eastern frontiers of Sophina. The last group are the Northern peoples from the Vast Empire, which have settled into the region of Yatheia.

Dwarves – The last group of people that have come into the Greenlands region. While estimates suggest that their population can be as high as hundreds of thousands, very few of their number are seen on the surface.

Note – A human + dwarf = a mul

+2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: Mules are strong and tough, but are very gruff and the niceties that many see as common for interacting with each other are lost on them.

Low Light Vision: While Mules did not inherit the full dwarven ability to see in complete darkness, their eyes still function very well in the dark.

+1 HP per level: Mules are exceedingly tough.

Lifter: Mules lifting capacity is 3 times as much as normal for their strength and size category.

Durable: Mules can endure and thrive in conditions most races would die in. They receive a +4 to any roll involving endurance, toughness, or exposure to hazardous conditions. They may also sleep in light or medium armor without becoming fatigued.

Tireless: They can function on an average of 2 hours of sleep a night and can function for 3 days without sleep before experiencing any ill effects

Like half-elves, Muls are treated as Dwarves and humans for the purpose of spells, effect, or other racial modifiers.

Elves – The elven homeland is a massive region, supporting dozens of different sub races of elves, from tanned skin jungle elves to pale skinned high elves. Hair colors can range from blond to nearly black or purple. The elven colonies support small families of various subgroups, giving numerous options for appearance and sub-type.

Note – A dwarf + an elf = a gnome

Half – Elves – The most common half-breed in the Greenlands. During the Early and middle years of the Ithican Empire it was seen as a highly prized thing to be of both bloodlines. And while elven prestige has never really fallen away, they are far less common among the higher levels of society on either El’Enatha or the former Empire. The elves of the great homeland however are less-than enthusiastic about the presences of (still in their eyes) so many of the “diluted” or more polity, “half pure”.

Note: Half-elves have been known to breed, however birth defects, still births, and miscarriages are common (nearly 40%), should conception occur at all. As a result, most potential couples will more often than not avoid the risks entierly. Should a union occur between half-elves result in offspring the dominant racial traits will prevail. i.e. human + half-elf = human, elf + half – elf = elf. Two half-elf parents could produce either an elf, human, or (more likely) a half-elf.


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