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  • Races

    The realm of the Greenlands has been mostly the realm of humans. Tribes of monstrous races such as _orcs, goblins, and ogres_ are well known in the region. Only in recent years have other races taken a more dominant role in the region. Note - …

  • Nations

    [[Ithica | Ithica]] [[Alderac | Alderac]] [[Dumac | Dumac]] [[Yatheria | Yatheria]] [[Qudar | Qudar]] [[Sophinia | Sophinia]] [[Burj and Kalahar | Burj and Kalahar]] [[Other Regions | Other Regions]]

  • Religion

    *Religion* *The Minor Gods:* In a common way of thinking, these are not gods exactly, but they are more of powerful spirits. These beings can be found in various places in nature such as groves, rivers, and rock formations, and even some ruins or …

  • Languages


    Language (synonyms) Region Spoken by Script
    *Ithish (High/ Old Imperial)* Ithica Sailors, merchants, …

  • Player Options

    [[Alignment | Alignment]] Before reading: These descriptions are of how each class functions inside the metaverse of Age of Annihilation. This document is far less about the mechanic variations and alternate builds but rather a guide for selecting a …

  • Alignment

    *Alignments:* Players do not choose traditional alignments along the Good/Evil and Law/Chaos paradigms. Instead this game will utilize two variants affinities and allegiances. These variants have the goal of fostering more complex and morally/ …

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